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 NT5C's Ham Radio SWL Recordings

These recordings were made by John Warren NT5C when he was an SWL.  John's primary interest was in SWLing the ham bands.  The earliest recordings are from October 1967.  John lived in Ridgefield, CT until Feb. 1970 when he moved to Houston, Texas.  His antennas were simple dipoles at 30 feet or less.  His receiver in CT was a Hallicrafters SX-100.  In Houston he used a Kenwood R-820.  Some of the recordings are of poor quality.  I will work on improving them as I
work my way through the tapes. I will also keep adding recordings as I can.  If you have any that you feel might be of interest by all means let me know.

For a listing of the complete contents of the tapes click here.  Contents NT5C tapes
The list will grow as there are eight tapes.

When you click on one of the files - you will have to wait until the entire file downloads before it will start playing. You might want to pick one of the short ones first to see how it works.
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