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South Georgia - Husvik - Sunrise - Jan 2002 South Georgia - Grytviken - Jan 2002 N5AU sunrise photo 6D2X group W5VX, N5KO, K5TR, K1DG, K1AR, K5TSQ Long boats - Western Samoa - 1986 Big Bend Four Volkswagens in Mexico

My growing station in the hill country of Texas

I am building my own station in the hill country of Texas. Check on my progress.

          The new K5TR station from the air - photo by John Dvoracek - KE5C.

In 2002 I took a trip in the southern ocean

I went on a Dxpedition to South Georgia Island and the South Sandwich Islands.
Here are a few photos I took during my trip.

VP8THU camp site.

Photo tours of a few amateur radio stations

The N5AU station. A historic photo tour of one of the worlds largest amateur radio stations. From 1982 to 1992 I was very luckly to be able to operate and help maintain the N5AU station. The W5KFT Ranch station. I helped design, build and operate the W5KFT ranch station from 1993 ot 2001. The 6D2X station is Mexico.

          Looking down inside a 190 foot tower
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