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Download CBS for MS-DOS
Download CBS for Linux

K5KA's readme file for CBS:
CBS is a DOS program that produces statistical data from a Cabrillo file.
I wrote CBS in 2000 to teach myself the "C" programming language and
produce some statistics for the ARRL November Sweepstakes Contest that I
was curious about.  I gave it to a few friends and they started asking
for some changes.  One thing led to another and it now supports the
following contests:


CBS runs on DOS only, or in a DOS window for pre-Windows XP systems.  It
will not be converted to run under Windows, simply because I don't want to.

The CTY.DAT file needs to be in the same path as your cabrillo file, or in

You may start CBS one of two ways:

(1)  Type CBS with no parameters and it will ask you for the input and output
filenames.  The input file is your Cabrillo file and the output file will be
the report file.

(2)  Type CBS filein fileout
    filein is your Cabrillo file and fileout is your report file.


1.   All dupes are ignored for statistics.
2.   Probable 2nd radio qsos is predicted using the logged frequency in the
     Cabrillo file.
3.   Some multi-op logs will log qsos that are not in time sequence.
     ie; 1233 is followed by 1232.  This can happen when the separate PC
     clocks get off a little during the contest.
     When CBS finds this situation it sets the current qso time to the time
     of the previous qso, if it is within 2 minutes.  If this is not done,
     the rate statistics get hosed.
4.   For Multi-2 operations CBS produces a rate sheet for each transmitter
     and an overall rate sheet.

5.   Thanks to N2IC for porting CBS to Linux.

73, Ken K5KA

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